Tuesday, January 05, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Quiz - Day 12

Scripture Verse No. 3

1. Three persons are mentioned in the verse but only one by name; one is in sorrow, one is perplexed, and one is annoyed.
2. The wisest of the three owns his ignorance.
3. The sorrow of one is afterwards removed, though no request is made about it.
4. The scene took place on a mountain.
5. The attitude of one of the three is like that of the disciples when met by Jesus after the resurrection.
6. The act of another is similar to that of the disciples which incurred reproof from Jesus.
7. One lived seven years in the Philistines' land.
8. One pronounced judgment on an unbeliever.
9. One was a servant.
10. Of one it was said, “The word of the Lord is with him.”
11. The verse describes a hurried arrival.
12. One of the characters is a woman, but her name is not given.
13. She is only mentioned in one other chapter beside that in which the text occurs, but her history is quite familiar.
14. A large army once encamped on the spot which was her home.
15. Her husband is mentioned in the chapter, but not by name.
16. She uses exactly the same words in addressing her companion that he had himself thrice used to his friend.
17. One of the three characters once gave this command “Make this valley full of ditches.”
18. An act of deceit is recorded of another in the following chapter.
19. The chapter contains an account of four miracles.
20. The verse contains fifty-five words, four being proper names.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Quiz - Day 11

Scripture Enigma No 3
Who sold a field, with all that it contained?
Where by St. Paul was sacrifice restrained?
The second name of him who sold his Lord?
Who, in a storm, said "Cast me overboard?"
What woman's prayers went up by day and night?
City where Caleb did with giants fight?

Initials letters, now, and finals, name
Two prophets who
With heavy tidings came,
A prophecy of punishment to bring,
One to a good, one to an evil king.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Quiz - Day 10

Scripture Character No. 3
1. He received many commands from God, all of which he faithfully obeyed.
2. He and his family left their home, to which they never returned.
3. He was “just” and “perfect.”
4. His father spoke of “the ground which the Lord hath cursed."
5. We are told the names of his children, but not of his wife.
6. He was “moved with fear."
7. His name is mentioned by Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, Peter, and by our Lord.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Quiz - Day 9

A City of Scripture No. 3

This city's streets a holy prophet trod,
And one went out to meet the man of God
With camels bearing many a precious thing
Sent as a present from a dying king.
And Le-re dwelt one, head of a soldier-band,
The Lord had given deliverance by his hand.
This was the home of him who knelt to pray,
“Oh Lord,” he said, “send me good speed this day;”
His prayer was heard, and then he bowed his head
Low to the ground in gratitude, and said,
“Blessed be the Lord of mercy and of might,
I, being in the way, He led me right.”
A conquering king brought down this city's pride
When two and twenty thousand warriors died;
He placed there garrisons of fighting men,
And all its people were his servants then.
But, later on, another monarch rose
Who found the people there his fiercest foes,
Rezon was king, and all the time he reigned
An enmity to Israel he maintained.
Here, afterwards, a king of Judah came
And served its gods, his ruin and his shame
Copied its altar; then high places built,
And brought his kingdom low with all his guilt.
But judgment is pronounced against this place,
Glory departs, and sorrow comes apace.
Though once she bought the costly wares of Tyre,
Yet in her walls must burn consuming fire;
Saith God, “For three transgressions, yea, for four,
I will not turn away My vengeance sore.”
Yet here a soul was filled with heavenly light,
And heard the gracious words, “Receive thy sight.”

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Friday, January 01, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Quiz - Day 8

Scripture Verse. No. 2.
1. It contains a command of God.
2. The command was given to one mentioned by our Lord with "the prophets"; the scribes and Pharisees were said to sit in his seat. and Stephen was accused of speaking “blasphemous words” against him.
3. The command is strange, and seems a dangerous one to obey.
4. It alludes to a living creature which had a very short existence.
5. One particular part of the creature is mentioned.
6. The command is obeyed, and the danger disappears.
7. The command had been preceded by a question and a. miracle, and the obedience is followed by three other miracles and a promise; yet complaint, not faith, is the result.
8. The first six words are very often repeated in the same book, and frequently stand at the head of chapters.
9. It contains mention of a common possession, which afterwards became a sign of great power associated with the name of God.
10. It contains thirty-three words, and is in the early part of a chapter of more than thirty verses.

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