Wednesday, September 30, 2009

F.F. Bruce on St John at Ephesus

The following article is now available on-line in PDF:

F.F. Bruce, "St. John at Ephesus," Bulletin of the John Rylands Library Manchester 60.2 (Spring 1978): 339-361.

My thanks to the Trustees of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester for their kind permission to reproduce this article.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reformation & Revival Journal to be placed on-line

Following a very positive conversation via Facebook with the editor, Dr James H. Armstrong, it has been agreed that Reformation & Revival journal (1992-2005) will be made freely available via the Web. Dr Armstrong has kindly offered to supply me with a full set of back-issues and digitisation work will start in earnest when these arrive in a few weeks time.

In the meantime I have already completed Volume 4.1 and the contents are now available below in PDF. Each issue of Reformation & Revival focused on a specific theme aimed at "the intelligent layman" and one covers Spiritual Warfare.

Several of the articles here provide a clear biblical critique of the idea that Christians can be possessed (controlled, infested, attached, entered, inhabited, indwelt, bound or enslaved) by demons and concentrate mainly on the teaching of Neil T. Anderson in this area. However, the critiques are equally applicable to the works of Peter Horrobin and Ellel Ministries and are well-worth reading.

John H. Armstrong, "Editor's Introduction," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 9-10.

Tom Austin, "On the Demonisation of Believers," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 11-28.

Wayne A. Detzler, "Myths About Spiritual Warfare," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 29-42.

Chuck Huckaby, "Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Numbers," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 43-56.

Scott Souza, "Is It War, Or Is It Life?" Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 57-68.

Robert H. Lescelius, "Revival and Spiritual Warfare," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 69-84.

Steven Fernandez, "The Deliverance Model of Spirtual Warfare," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 85-114.

Gary Johnson, "A Review Article," Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 115-140.

Annotated Bibliography, Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 141-146.

Book Reviews, Reformation & Revival 4.1 (Winter 1995): 147-171.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vox Evangelica Volume 24 now on-line

The following articles are now online in PDF:

Alan Kreider, "Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom (The Laing Lecture for 1994)," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 7-38.

Meic Pearce, "The Laing Lecture for 1994: First Response," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 39-40.

Philip King, "The Laing Lecture for 1994: Second Response," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 41-42.

Clive Calver, "Red Herrings and Hot Potatoes: The Real Isssues for Evangelicals Today," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 43-54.

Martin Wroe, "First Response to Red Herrings and Hot Potatoes: The Real Isssues for Evangelicals Today," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 55-58.

Derek Tidball, "Second Response to Red Herrings and Hot Potatoes: The Real Isssues for Evangelicals Today," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 59-62.

Alan M. Linfield, "Sheeps and Goats: Current Evangelical Thought on the Nature of Hell and the Scope of Salvation," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 63-76.

Mary J. Evans, "'A Plague on Both Your Houses': Cursing and Blessing Reviewed," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 77-90.

Steve Motyer, "Expounding 1 Timothy 2:8-15," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 91-102.

Max Turner, "'Empowerment for Mission'? The Pneumatology of Luke-Acts: An Appreciation and Critique of James R. Shelton's Mighty in Word and Deed," Vox Evangelica 24 (1994): 103-122.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

September Website News

With new academic year due to begin in the next few weeks I thought it would be good to update my visitors on recent and forthcoming developments across the “Theology on the Web” websites.

File Formats for Articles

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with different formats for the articles I upload. Since I began in 2001 I’ve scanned, OCR’d and then proof-read all the articles that I’ve placed online. This produces very clear text and very small file sizes, but it does have the disadvantage of being very time consuming as well as introducing typos.

The situation is at present that I have a full-time job in a Christian charity, a wife and three little boys, so website work must be confined to my lunch hour or late evenings. Although I received over a million visitors each year only 4 of these support the work regularly on a monthly basis. The two advertisers who paid for space on the websites have decided not to renew this year. All this means is that while I still hope to do this work full-time on the sites at some point there is no prospect of this in the near future on the basis of current funding levels. If you would like to support the development of the sites I suggest a number of ways of doing so here.

This has led me to change the format of the articles I upload to scanned PDF’s with OCR’d text. These retain the original layout, can be searched, cut and pasted and appear in search engines. They can be produced very quickly (I could scan and place online an entire book in a few hours) but the file size is around 15-20 times larger a word-processed version. A few people have complained about this change, but I would rather have the material available now rather in several years time (if ever) even if the format does not please everyone.

New (old!) Journals Online

I have recently completed the entire 11 volumes of the Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society and will be integrating the articles into my site in the next few weeks. Vox Evangelica (which I began working on in 2006) should be complete by the end of next week. I have recently completed a table of contents for the Theological Students Fellowship (TSF) Bulletin (UK) and a number of these articles are now online. Anvil journal recently allowed me to publish around 27 of its articles and these are appearing as permissions from the authors are received. I am now working on a table of contents for Themelios (1962-1974) when it was published by IFES. I hope to be able to place many of these articles online as well in due course in partnership with Tyndale House and the Gospel Coalition.

Missiology Website

Due to my present workload the launch of this site has been put back until sometime next year.

That’s all for now. Remember to subscribe to the site feeds to received the latest news. Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

John Goldingay on the Interpretation of Scripture

The following articles are now available online in PDF:

John Goldingay, “Interpreting Scripture (Part 1),” Anvil 1.2 (1984): 153-162.

John Goldingay, “Interpreting Scripture (Part 2),” Anvil 1.3 (1984): 261-281.

My thanks to Dr Goldingay for his kind permission to reproduce these articles.

I have been clearance by the editor of Anvil to seek the author's permission to place up to 27 articles from that journal online. The rest will appear as the copyright holder's respond.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"A Light unto My Path. Old Testament Studies in Honor of Jacob M. Myers" now online

The following book is now online in PDF:

My thanks to Dr Carey A. Moore for his kind permission.


Jacob Martin Myers by Ralph D. Heim

Photograph of Jacob M. Myers



The Relevance of the Old Testament for Christian Preaching Elizabeth Achtemeier

The Lachish Cosmetic Burner and Esther 2: 12 William F. Albright

"In Those Days There Was No King in Israel" Robert G. Boling

Life without Resurrection: Two Perspectives from Qoheleth Howard N. Bream

Worship, Idolatry, and God Harry M. Buck

The Hebrew Short Story: A Study of Ruth Edward F. Campbell, Jr.

The Divine Image Harold L. Creager

Chiasmus in Job: A Text-Critical and Philological Criterion Mitchell Dahood, SJ

Dubletten im Bibeltext Karl Elliger

Bowdlerizing in the Old Testament Donald M. C. Englert

Some Old Testament Influences on the Prologue of John Edwin D. Freed

Strophe and Meter in Exodus 15 David Noel Freedman

The English Bible Stanley Brice Frost

Peregrinations in Septuagint Lexicography Henry Snyder Gehman

Love, Marriage, and Business in the Book of Ruth Robert Gordis

Observations on Syntax and Meter in Lamentations Delbert R. Hillers

Exodus 23: 4-5: A Comparative Study Herbert B. Huffmann

Creation Tradition in Proverbs 8: 22-31 and Genesis 1 George M. Landes

The Home of Deuteronomy Revisited: A Methodological Analysis of the Northern Theory Foster R. McCurley, Jr.

The Shady Side of Wisdom: The Date and Purpose of Genesis George E. Mendenhall

Mark 4: 12: More Like the Irony of Micaiah than Isaiah Carey A. Moore

Word as Power in the Ancient Near East Frederick L. Moriarty, SJ

The Old Testament as Word of God Roland E. Murphy, O. Carm.

Does Archeology Prove Chronicles Sources? Robert North, SJ

A Note on 2 Samuel 7 Michiko Ota

A Study of Selected Isaianic Passages in the Wormser Propheten Vber­setzling of 1527 and Luther's Isaiah of 1528 Jesse B. Renninger

Ecological Notes from the Old Testament Alfred von Rohr Sauer

The Role of Covenant in the Mission and Message of Amos Frank H. Seilhamer

The Date of Joel John Alexander Thompson

The Future of the Qumran Scrolls John C. Trever

History and Kerygma in the Old Testament Bruce Vawter, CM

Israel and Her Land: Some Theological Considerations Hans Eberhard von Waldow

The Conquest Theme in the Bible G. Ernest Wright