Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Table of Contents for Anvil now on-line

The complete table of contents of articles published in Anvil (An Anglican Evangelical Journal for theology and mission) are now available on-line here. My thanks to the staff and volunteers at All Nations Christian College Library for supplying the raw data and for carefully checking the listing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Prayer Support Requested for Theology on the Web

It has been almost 9 years since the launch of the first of my "Theology on the Web" sites and they now receive around a million visitors each year around the globe. In order to take their development on to the next stage I would like to gather a group of people around me who share the vision (as stated on their homepages) and who are prepared to support myself and my family in prayer. I have therefore have set up an mailing list for the purpose of sharing prayer requests with supporters.

You can subscribe to this list by sending an e-mail to:

listserver(a) [remember to substitute a @ for (a) ]

with the subject: subscribe supporters

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Missiology Gateway Coming Soon

Tim Davy of Redcliffe College contacted me recently and asked if I had considered developing the two pages on into a site on Christian Missions. This struck a chord with what I had been thinking for some time - that I was hardly doing justice to this vast and important subject. After putting the idea to a member of staff at All Nations Christian College - who was also extremely enthusiastic - I decided to register the domain

I have drafted a structure (below) so that you can see what subjects the site might eventually host bibliographies and resources on:

- Old Testament
- New Testament
- Contemporary, etc.

History of Missions
- Early
- Medieval
- Modern

Mission Skills
- Bible Translation [I would like help from Wycliffe Bibloe Translators on this section]
- Cross-Cultural Evangelism
- Culture Shock
- Family
- Finance & Support
- Health
- Spiritual Life (incl. Prayer)
- Teaching English as a Foreign Language
- "Tentmaking", etc.

Countries [Eventually covering most countries]
- Africa
- Asia
- Europe
- North America
- South America
- Oceania

- Animism
- Buddhism
- Hinduism
- Islam, etc.

- William Carey
- Adoniram Judson, etc.

I am looking for Colleges, organisations and interested individuals who are prepared to partner with me, Redcliffe College and All Nations in creating this new Gateway initially by providing bibliographies on their own areas of interest and expertise. In order to do so effectively I have created a Facebook group called Working Group for those wishing to help. To join please send me an e-mail to rob(at) - (remember to substitute a '@').

I hope to have the site running by the beginning of the next academic year.

Winner of the "Interpreting the Word of God" article vote

I recently asked for readers of my blog and the members of my Facebook Group to vote for which chapter of the Steven Barabas FS they would like to see online. I had a large number of responses and a clear favourite soon appeared. I am pleased to be able to publish the "winning" article. I hope it was the one that you voted for:

Thanks again to Moody Press for this permission to use the chapter and to one of my supporters for donating the book.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Interpreting the Word of God: FS for Steven Barabas." One chapter to go on-line - please help to choose which one

One of my supporters kindly sent me a copy of the following book in the hope that I would be able to place one chapter from it on-line:

Samuel J. Schultz & Morris A. Inch, eds., Interpreting the Word of God. Festschift in honor of Steven Barabas. Chicago: Moody Press, 1976. Hbk. pp.281.

Moody have kindly given me permission for me to do this, but there remains the problem of deciding which article to use, as all are on interesting subjects. So I am asking my readers to vote for the chapter they would most like to see on-line. Anyone can vote, but I will give extra weighting to those who have read the article and can say why it is still useful today. I look forward to reading the comments. Here is the list of articles:

J.E. Jennings, “Ancient Near Eastern Religion and Biblical Interpretation,” 11-30.

Alfred J. Hoerth, “Archaeology and the Christian Mind,” 31-45.

S.J. Schultz, “Old Testament Prophets in Today’s World,” 46-59.

C. Hassell Bullock, “EntrĂ©e to the Pentateuch Through the Prophets: A Hermeneutics of History,” 60-77.

Donald A. Hagner, “The Old Testament in the New Testament,” 78-104.

Gordon Fee, “The Genre of New Testament Literature and Biblical Hermeneutics,” 105-127.

Alan Johnson, “History and Culture in New Testament Interpretation,” 128-161.

Morris Inch, “The Place of the Incarnation in Biblical Interpretation,” 162-177.

Donald Lake, “The Reformation Contribution to the Interpretation of the Bible,” 178-198.

Robert Webber, “Biblical Authority: A Study in History,” 199-216.

Herbert Jacobson, “On the Limitations of Hermeneutics,” 217-237.

Steven Barabas, “Bibliographic Tools of Biblical Interpretation,” 238-272.