Saturday, August 09, 2008

Edward J. Young on Old Testament Scholarship

The following article is now on-line in PDF:

Edward J. Young, "Some Thoughts on Old Testament Scholarship," Faith and Thought 93.2 (1963): 74-87.

This is an extremely useful article for those starting serious OT study at Bible College or Seminary. My favourite quote is from pages 78-79:

Nor need we really be afraid of the term fundamentalist. Better to be called a fundamentalist than to be found in the ranks of those who deny the Bible.

Although I've posted very few articles in the last few weeks I have been working behind the scenes to complete several tables of contents. In response to my appeal regarding The Harvester, Dr Tim Grass of Spurgeon's College London has loaned me a partial run of the journal containing many F.F. Bruce articles that I have never seen before. On Friday this week I hope to visit the Tyndale House Library in Cambridge to consult their vast archive of journals.