Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edward J. Young on the Dead Sea Scrolls

The following article is now on-line in PDF:

Edward J. Young, "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity," His 16.9 (June 1956): 35-39.

Writing only a few years after the discovery of the scrolls Edward Young is able to reach some conclusions - many of which have stood the test of time.

Edward J. Young on the Accuracy of Genesis

The following article is now on-line in PDF:

Edward J. Young, "The Accuracy of Genesis," His 17.6 (March 1957): 23-26.

The historicity of Genesis has always been a particular interest of mine. Young is right when he dismisses the critical attacks of Wellhausen, but time has shown that the evidence from Nuzi he uses was largely misinterpreted - see my article on Archaeology and the Patriarchs which references more recent works.

G. Ch. Aalders on the Historicity and Prophetic Character of the Book of Daniel

The following article is now on-line in PDF:

G. Ch. Aalders, "The Book of Daniel: its Trustworthiness and Prophetic Character," The Evangelical Quarterly 2.3 (July 1930): 242-254.

Despite its age this article has some helpful things to say.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five Articles by F.F. Bruce from Eternity Magazine

I have just uploaded the following articles in PDF:

F.F. Bruce, "A British Scholar Looks at the RSV Old Testament," Eternity (May 1954): 12-13, 42-47.

F.F. Bruce, "A Second Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls," Eternity (October 1956): 14-15, 29-30.

F.F. Bruce, "The Apocrypha, Revised and Introduced," Eternity (November 1957): 18-19, 42.

F.F. Bruce, "On Dating the New Testament," Eternity 23 (June 1972): 32-33.

F.F. Bruce, "Are The Gospels Anti-Semitic?" Eternity 24 (November 1973): 16-18.

This last article is as topical now as it was in 1973!

My thanks to Rich Poll of Apologia for kindly providing me with photocopies of these articles.

I am currently working on the previously unpublished Ph.D. Thesis of the OT scholar Edward J. Young. This, and the table of contents of various journals, mean that the number of new articles going on-line may be lower than usual over the next few weeks. Remember to subscribe to my blog feed so as not to miss new items.

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Book on F.F. Bruce Commissioned by Paternoster Press - author appeals for help

This weeks edition of the Church of England Newspaper contains the following letter:

FF Bruce appeal

Sir, I have been commissioned by Pater­noster to produce a biography of the bibli­cal scholar FF Bruce (1910-90). Through his writing, speaking, correspondence and research supervision he had a great impact on Christians of many denominations, and I would like to appeal for assistance in tracking down material relating to Bruce or his family. I am looking for recollections, photographs, recordings, correspondence, and copies of obscure articles I might not otherwise come across. If you can help me locate any of these, or if you are willing to be interviewed in person or by post or e­mail, please contact me at the address below.
Dr Tim Grass
If you are able to help Dr Grass, e-mail me at rob(at)biblicalstudies.org.uk and I will send you his contact details.

F.F. Bruce on Paul and Jerusalem

The following article is now available on-line in PDF:

F.F. Bruce, "Paul and Jerusalem," Tyndale Bulletin 19 (1968): 3-25.

FFB reconstructs the relationship of the Apostle Paul with the church of Jerusalem as deduced from his epistles and the book of Acts.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Peter Nelson on Jesus' Teaching on the Law

The following article is now on-line in PDF:

P.G. Nelson, "Christian Morality: Jesus' Teaching on the Law," Themelios 32.1 (October 2006): 4-17.

Peter Nelson concludes:

Jesus’ teaching on the Law provides a clear answer to the question, ‘How does he want Christians to live?’ He wants them, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to keep the laws in the OT, interpreted according to their purpose, and raised to the standard he set out in the Sermon on the Mount. This has the effect of extending some laws (e.g. ‘You shall not murder’) and replacing others by more demanding versions of them (e.g. the food laws). Paul's teaching can be interpreted in a way that is consistent with this.

Also by the same author:

James' Instructions to Ill Christians

Paul's Advice on Spiritual Gifts: An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 12-14

Faith and Works: Squaring the Circle

God's Sovereignty and Human Freedom

Unanswered Prayer

What is the Gospel? - A Key Question for Evangelicals Today

My thanks to Dr Nelson for allowing me to host his articles.

Sunday, February 03, 2008