Sunday, January 27, 2008

J. Harold Greenlee on the Gospel of the Third Dimension

The following article is now available on-line in PDF:

J. Harold Greenlee, "Gospel of the Third Dimension," His 24 (1964) 1-3, 11.

In this short article Dr. Greenlee argues that there are good reasons why skeptics should consider the possibility of miracles.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Donald English on Effectively Communicating the Gospel

The following article is now available on-line in PDF:

Donald English, "'Tell it as it is': Some Reflections on Evangelism Today (Laing Lecture for 1983)," Vox Evangelica 14 (1984): 7-16.

Donald English wrestles with the perennial problem of how to make the Good News understandable and attractive to the current generation.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Introducing the SYNEIDON Research Project

Dave Beldman has an interesting post on "Open Scholarship", that is websites which "...make access to scholarly resources as easy and widely accessible as possible." I recently came across another site that is working towards the same goal, The Syneidon Research Project.

The introduction reads:

The work of Biblical scholars is usually published in specialist journals which, together with their highly technical language, remain inaccessible to the general public. SYNEIDON is dedicated to providing an accessible and non-technical introduction to the academic research of the Old and New Testament for everyone who wishes to widen their understanding and appreciation of these texts, regardless of faith or academic ability.

I would highly recommend a visit as there is something on this site for everyone, whether scholar or layperson. Scholars will appreciate the Research Digest, which summarises recent academic articles of note. Others will enjoy the Coffee Break Posers. Visitors with Facebook accounts will find the Project's Group by entering "Syneidon Research Project" into the search and then requesting to join and participate.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

John Barton Payne on the Unity of Isaiah

The following article is on-line in PDF:

John Barton Payne lays out the internal evidence for the unity of the book of Isaiah.

For the next few weeks I will be uploading new articles on early church history, so keep an eye on my early church blog.

Vox Evangelica Volume 13 (1983) now on-line

The following articles are now on-line in PDF:

Joyce G. Baldwin, "The Role of the Ten Commandments (Laing Lecture for 1981)," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 7-18.

David W. Bebbington, "The Gospel in the Nineteenth Century (Laing Lecture for 1982)," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 19-28.

M.J. Evans, "The Law in James," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 29-40.

Alan P.E. Sell, "Theology and the Philosophical Climate: Case-Studies From the Second Century AD (Part 1)," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 41-66.

R.R. Cook, "The Nature of Man - Has the Ghost in the Machine Finally Been Exorcised," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 67-78.

D.R. de Lacey, "Language and Imagery of George Caird," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 79-84.

F.P. Cotterell, "Language, Imagery and Meaning," Vox Evangelica 13 (1983): 85-92.