Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Principles and Methods (1977) to be on-line

I am pleased to announce that Paternoster Press have given me permission to republish on-line the entire contents of I. Howard Marshall, ed., New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Principles and Methods, 1977. Carlisle: The Paternoster Press, revised 1979. Pbk. ISBN: 0853644241. pp.406.

The Howard Marshall's Foreword and Introduction and now available and the rest of the chapters will be gradually added in the New Year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Gospel Perspectives Vol 1 article

After careful consideration I have decided to use Robert H. Stein's article "The 'Criteria' For Authenticity." I am not aware of many articles on this subject and I am sure that it will prove helpful. Professor Stein has already given his permission for me to go ahead.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

E. Earle Ellis on Jesus' Use of the Old Testament

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

E. Earle Ellis, "Jesus' Use of the Old Testament and the Genesis of New Testament Theology," Bulletin for Biblical Research 3 (1993): 59-75.

Earle Ellis is always worth reading when it comes to the study of the use of the OT in the New and this article is no exception to the rule.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

John N. Oswalt on The Egyptian Concept of Deity

The following article is now available for download in PDF:

John. N. Oswalt, "The Golden Calves and the Egyptian Concept of Deity," Evangelical Quarterly 45.1 (Jan.-Mar. 1973): 13-20.

In this brief but extremely helpful article Dr Oswalt explains why the worship of the Golden Calves was so offensive to Yahweh. He also demonstrates how valuable a knowledge of archaeology can be in biblical studies.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

E.P. Sanders on the Uniqueness of Jesus' Teaching

I have just uploaded the following lecture in PDF:

Prof. E.P. Sanders, The Question of Uniqueness in the Teaching of Jesus. London: University of London, 1990. Pbk. ISBN: 0718709616. pp.31.

My thanks to Professor Sanders for his kind permission. Sander's makes some interesting points in this lecture, particularly about the need for humility in New Testament scholarship.

Monday, December 18, 2006

New Warden of Tyndale House Appointed

Dr Peter Williams, currently Deputy Head of Divinity, History and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen has been appointed to succeed Dr Bruce Winter as Warden of Tyndale House in Cambridge and Director of Research, UCCF. Peter has published research on both Old and New Testaments, and has a particular interest in the Syriac translations of Hebrew and Greek biblical texts. Congratulations Peter!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Daniel Scot has his appeal upheld in Australia

The two Australian Pastors found quilty in Victoria of "Vilifying Muslims" have had their appeal against the conviction upheld. The three appeal court judges have ordered that the case be re-tried under a different judge. Read more here:

Appeal upheld for two pastors in Australia accused of ''vilifying Muslims''

'Catch the Fire' Appeal allowed!

Victory for Free Speech – now for the Battle!

Read the PDF transcript of Daniel's Seminar here.

Please remember to pray for Daniel as the case is far from over.

Gospel Perspectives Vol 1 - Your chance to choose an article

The British Library have just supplied me with a copy of Gospel Perspectives, Vols 1: Studies of History and Tradition in the Four Gospels. R.T. France & David Wenham, eds. JSOT Press, 1980. Please vote for your favourite article by 21st December - remember to say why you think it is the best. The article by Rainer Riesner is not included below because it is in German.

F.F. Bruce, "The Trial of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel," pp.7-20.

Bruce Chilton, "Targumic Transmission and Dominical Tradition," pp.21-46.

Peter H. Davids, "The Gospels and Jewish Tradition: Twenty Years After Gerhardsson," pp.75-100.

R.T. France, "Mark and the Teaching of Jesus," pp.101-137.

Sydney H.T. Page, "The Authenticity of the Ransom Logion (Mark 10:45b)," pp.137-162.

Phillip Barton Payne, "The Authenticity of the Parable of the Sower and its Interpretation," pp.163-208.

Robert H. Stein, "The 'Criteria' For Authenticity," pp.225-263.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Gospel Perspectives Vols 2, 3 & 5 Poll Results are in

I wanted to thank those who contributed to the poll to select the single article from each volume of Gospel Perspectives Vols. 2, 3 & 5 which I have been given permission from the Publisher to reproduce. It made an extremely difficult job a whole lot easier! Here as promised are the titles of the articles that I have decided to use:

Vol. 2

D.A. Carson, "Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel: After Dodd, What?" pp.83-146.

This was the majority opinion and was also the one that I was keen to use. Don Carson has now granted permission for me to go ahead.

Vol. 3

Bruce Chilton, "Varieties and Tendencies of Midrash: Rabbinic Interpretation of Isaiah 24.23" pp.9-32.

This was the most difficult for me to assess as I know little about this area and so I went with Michael Bird's recommendation because his post indicated that he had read the articles. Permission from the author is still pending.

Vol. 5

Richard Bauckham, "The Study of Gospel Traditions Outside the Canonical Gospels: Problems and Prospects," 369-404.

This was the majority vote. Richard Bauckham granted permission this morning.

I am expecting volumes 1 and 4 from the British Library shortly and will post a new poll for each as they arrive.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Robert Gurney's 2nd edition of "God on Control" now on-line

I have just uploaded the following book in PDF:

Robert J.M. Gurney, God in Control: An Exposition of the Prophecies of the Book of Daniel. Worthing: H.E. Walter Ltd., 1980. Revised and updated for the Web by the author in 2006.

I little realised that by contacting Dr. Gurney with a request to republish his 1980 book God in Control I would spur him to produce a second edition for the Web, but am delighted to he able to host it here. Because of some technical difficulties the maps will be added early in the New Year.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Vox Evangelica Volume 1 (1962) now on-line

The following articles are now available in PDF:

H.C. Oakley, "The Greek and Roman Background of the New Testament," Vox Evangelica 1 (1962): 7-23.

L.C. Allen, "Isaiah liii.11 and its Echoes," Vox Evangelica 1 (1962): 24-28.

Ralph P. Martin, "The Composition of I Peter in Recent Study," Vox Evangelica 1 (1962): 29-42.

Donald Guthrie, "The Development of the Idea of Canonical Pseudopigraphy in New Testament Criticism," Vox Evangelica 1 (1962): 43-59.

H.H. Rowden, "A Nineteenth-Century Nestorius," Vox Evangelica 1 (1962): 60-75.

My favourite article is that by Donald Guthrie, which provides a useful introduction to the subject. The arguments for pseudonymity seem to have changed little in the 44 years since the article was originally published. The article by Rowden is also interesting - he compares the early Brethren preacher B.W. Newton with the fourth century bishop Nestorius.

Gospel Perspectives Vol 5 - Your chance to choose an article

Below is the Table of Contents from Gospel Perspectives, Vol 5: The Jesus Tradition Outside the Gospels. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1984. As below, please vote by 15th December. Gerhard Maier's article is not listed as it is in German.

David Wenham, "Paul's Use of the Jesus Tradition: Three Samples," pp.7-38.

Peter Richardson & Peter Gooch, "Logia of Jesus in 1 Corinthians," pp.39-62.

Peter H. Davids, "James and Jesus," 63-84.

G.K. Beale, "The Use of Daniel in the Synoptic Eschatological Discourse and in the Book of Revelation," pp.129-154.

Bruce Chilton, "The Gospel According to Thomas as a Source of Jesus' Teaching," pp.155-176.

Craig L. Blomberg, "Tradition and Redaction in the Parables of the Gospel of Thomas," pp.177-206.

David F. Wright, "Apocryphal Gospels: The 'Unknown Gospel' (Pap. Egerton 2) and the Gospel of Peter," pp.207-232.

Donald A. Hagner, "The Sayings of Jesus in the Apostolic Fathers and Justin Martyr," pp.233-268.

Jonathan Draper, "The Jesus Traditon in the Didache," pp.269-288.

Graham H. Twelftree, "Jesus in Jewish Traditions," pp. 289-342.

Murray J. Harris, "References to Jesus in Early Classical Authors," pp.343-368.

Richard Bauckham, "The Study of Gospel Traditions Outside the Canonical Gospels: Problems and Prospects," 369-404.

Gospel Perspectives Vol 3 - Your chance to choose an article

Below is the list of articles to be found in Gospel Perspectives, Vol. 3: Studies in Midrash and Histiography. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1983. Please vote for the article you would like to see included by 15th December. More weight will be given to votes that explain why the article should be included. Articles by Leon Morris and F.F. Bruce are not listed as their material is already on-line on or should appear shortly.

Bruce Chilton, "Varieties and Tendencies of Midrash: Rabbinic Interpretation of Isaiah 24.23" pp.9-32.

Richard Bauckham, "The Liber Antiquitatum Biblicaron of Pseudo-Philo and the Gospels as 'Midrash'", pp.33-76.

R.T. France, "Jewish histiography, Midrash, and the Gospels," pp.99-128.

Douglas J. Moo, "Tradition and the Old Testament in Matt. 27: 3-10" pp.157-176.

Philip Barton Payne, "Midrash and History in the Gospels with Special Reference to to R.H. Gundry's Matthew" pp.177-216.

Craig L. Blomberg, "Midrash, Chiasmus, and the Outline of Luke's Central Section" pp.217-262.

D.S. Greenwood, "Poststructuralism and Biblical Studies: Frank Kermode's The Genesis of Secrecy" pp.263-288.

R.T. France, "Postscript - Where We Have Got to, and Where Do We Go From Here," pp.289-299.

Gospel Perspectives Vol 2 - Your chance to choose an article

Below are the articles from Gospel Perspectives, Vol. 2: Studies of History and tradition in the Four Gospels. Sheffield: JSOT Press, 1981. I can place one of the articles from this list on-line, subject to the author's permission. As there are so many good articles I am asking for help in deciding which one to use; so if you have a favourite, please add a comment to let me know. I have excluded the article by Gerhard Maier which is in German.

1) Which article you would like to see included
2) Briefly say why.

Please vote by 15th December. I will take all votes and comments into consideration when I decide which one to use.

D.E. Aune, "The Problem of the Genre of the Gospels: A Critique of C.H. Talbert's What is a Gospel?" pp.9-60.

R.J. Banke, "Setting 'The Quest for the Hsitorical Jesus' in a Broader Framework," pp.61-82.

D.A. Carson, "Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel: After Dodd, What?" pp.83-146.

Bruce Chilton, "Announcement in Nazara: An Analysis of Luke 4:16-21" pp.147-172.

William Lane Craig, "The Empty Tomb of Jesus" pp.173-200.

Stephen C. Farris, "On Discerning Semitic Sources in Luke1-2" pp.201-238.

R.T. France, "Scripture, Tradition and the History of the Infancy Narratives of Matthew" pp.239-266

Grant R. Osborne, "John 21: Test Case for History and Redaction in the Resurrection Narratives," pp.293-328.

Philip Barton Payne, "The Authenticity of the Parables of Jesus" pp.329-344.

David Wenham, "Paul and the Synoptic Apocalypse" pp.345-375.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

My main computer gave up the ghost this morning so all publishing projects are "on hold" until the parts for a replacement machine arrive - hopefully on Tuesday.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Mikeal Parsons on the Christology of the Letter to the Hebrews

The following article is now available in PDF:

Mikeal C. Parsons, "Son and High Priest: A Study in the Christology of Hebrews," Evangelical Quarterly 60: (1988): 195-216.

Dr Parson's demonstrates the importance of the contribution that Hebrews makes to our understanding of Christology.

Gordon Wenham on a Theology of Unclean Food

The following article is now available in PDF:

Gordon J. Wenham, "The Theology on Unclean Food," Evangelical Quarterly 53.1 (Jan.-Feb. 1981): 6-15.

The purpose of the food laws of the Pentateuch have proved difficult to explain. Gordon Wenham's proposal is not only plausible, but also explains the decision of the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15). Both unclean food and unclean people (the Gentiles) are now to be considered clean because of the work of Christ.

Edwin Yamauchi on Greek Contact With the Near East Before Alexander

The following article is now available in PDF:

Edwin M. Yamauchi, "Daniel and Contacts Between the Aegean and the Near East Before Alexander," Evangelical Quarterly 53.1 (Jan.-Mar. 1981): 37-47.

The presence of Greek loan words in the book of Daniel has long been used in support of a Second Century dating for the book. Professor Yamauchi shows that Greek culture had penetrated the Near East by the time of Nebuchadnezzer and that a Sixth Century dating for Daniel is perfectly consistent with the archaeological evidence