Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Robert L. Webb on the Eschatology of the Epistle of Jude

The following article in now available on-line:

Robert L. Webb, "The Eschatology of the Epistle of Jude and Its Rhetorical and Social Functions," Bulletin for Biblical Research 6 (1996): 139-151.


Jude’s eschatology is oriented around the twin poles of eschatological salvation and judgment with the latter being more prominent. Judgment in Jude includes not only past and future judgment but present judgment as well. Allusions to past judgment highlight the punishment aspect of the judicial process while references to future and present judgment highlight laying charges and producing a guilty verdict. The rhetorical function of Jude’s eschatology is: (1) to convince his readers also to engage in judgment: to pronounce the intruders guilty of ungodliness, and (2) to reassure his readers that they themselves will not be judged but instead are being guarded by God. The social function of Jude’s eschatology is to bring about a separation between the original community and the intruders. These two functions address both the external threat of the intruders themselves and the internal threat of their negative impact in the readers’ ethics, theology, and unity.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mikeal C. Parsons on NT Appendices

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

Mikeal C. Parsons, "Appendices in the New Testament," Themelios 17.2 (January/February 1992): 11-13.

The title of this article is fairly opaque to the non-specialist, so some explanation might be helpful. Dr Parsons looks at Mark, John's Gospel, Romans, 2 Corinthians and Philippians and evaluates the evidence for the "longer readings" in each case. A very helpful overview.

Ulrich Simon on Job

I have just uploaded the following lecture in PDF:

Prof. Ulrich E. Simon, Gambling With Job. The Ethel M. Wood Lecture delivered before the University of London on 5 June 1980. London: University of London, 1980. Pbk. ISBN: 0718105637.. pp.18.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Leon Morris on the NT and the Jewish Lectionaries

I have just uploaded the following monograph in PDF:

Leon Morris, The New Testament and the Jewish Lectionaries. London: The Tyndale Press, 1964. Pbk. pp.78.

D.A. Carson recently referred to this monograph on Reformation 21:

Dr Morris wrote more than fifty books, pitched at an array of levels. Three were on the cross, one of which, The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, should to this day be on any preacher’s list of “must” books. But apart from a knack for writing workmanlike commentaries on New Testament books (he managed to slip in one Old Testament commentary, too!), on several occasions Dr Morris demonstrated a knack for addressing a fad that he thought was unhelpful. For instance, at a time when a small but growing number of scholars were arguing that the structure and substance of the canonical Gospels could largely be explained by showing how they allegedly aligned with lectionaries used in the synagogues, Dr Morris published a little book with the title The New Testament and the Jewish Lectionaries—never one of his best sellers, of course, but a useful piece that helped a generation of students sort through one of the muddles of the day.

[Emphasis mine]

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now you see them, now you don't...

Over the last two weeks I have had to remove three articles from the site without notice. Happily I can reinstate two of them tonight:

Rev Prof. T.W. Manson, Jesus and the non-Jews. The Ethel M. Wood lecture delivered before the University of London on 3 March 1954. London: The Athlone Press, 1955. Pbk. pp.22.

A publisher contacted me claiming rights to the article and requesting a fee. I pulled the article and wrote declining to pay and asking to prove they had the rights. Today they wrote back apologising for their mistake. Thanks to Michael Bird for his helpful blog entry relating to this article.

Dr. Robert Murray, S.J., Exegesis and Imagination. The Ethel M. Wood lecture 1988, delivered at the Senate House, University of London on 1 March 1988. London: University of London, 1988. Pbk. ISBN: 0718708652. pp.31.

Dr Murray wished to update his article, so I took it down while this was done. The revised version is now available.

I will have to see what happens regarding 15 Reasons Why Genesis is History...

Gordon Fee on the purpose of exegesis

I have just uploaded in PDF:

Gordon D. Fee, "To What End Exegesis? Reflections on Exegesis and Spirituality in Philippians 4:10-20," Bulletin for Biblical Research 8 (1998): 75-88.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Douglas McBain Promoted to Glory

It is very great sadness this evening that I announce the death of my friend Douglas McBain on Saturday 7th October 2006. Douglas was formerly a superintendent of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland and the Chairman (until earlier this year) of the Christian Enquiry Agency, on whose committee I serve. He was a man of great gentleness, wisdom and conviction who had a word of encouragement for everyone he met. He will be greatly missed by those who knew him. I count it a privilege to have worked with him.

"Well done, good and faithful servant,
enter into the joy of your Lord!"

Theo Donner on the New Testament Canon

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

Theo Donner, "Some Thoughts on the History of the New Testament Canon," Themelios 7.3 (1982): 23-27.

William Dyrness on the Theology of Faith and Works

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

William Dyrness, "Mercy triumphs over justice: James 2:13 and the Theology of Faith and Works," Themelios 6.3 (1981): 11-16.

Frederic W. Bush on Esther's place in the Christian Canon

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

Frederic W. Bush, "The Book of Esther: Opus non gratum in the Christian Canon," Bulletin for Biblical Research 8 (1998): 39-54.

This is a adaptation of part of the intoduction to Frederic Bush's Word Commentary on Ruth, Esther. I warmly commend the commentary.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Robert Gurney on The Four Kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

Robert J.M. Gurney, "The Four Kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7," Themelios, 2.2 (1977): 39-45.

Dr Gurney went on to publish a book on Daniel called God In Control (1980). I am currently working with Dr. Gurney in order to place his revised version of the book on my site in the near future, publisher's copyright permitting.

Monday, October 02, 2006

In Memory of Esther

Esther Jane Bradshaw - stillborn at 28 weeks 30th September 2006, 1lb 1 oz. Esther had Edward's Syndrome also known as Trisomy18 (an extra chromosome No. 18). A small family funeral will be held next week. Please remember my wife and I in your prayers.