Sunday, September 24, 2006

Stanley E. Porter on the Authorship of the Pastorals

I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

Stanley E. Porter, "Pauline Authorship of the Pastoral Epistles: Implications for Canon," Bulletin for Biblical Research 5 (1995): 105-123.

For those interested in this subject my next two articles to be uploaded from the Bulletin for Biblical Research will be Robert Wall's response to Porter, and Stanley Porter's reply to Wall in Volume 6. Hopefully they will be on-line by Wednesday and will be announced here.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Themelios articles rearranged

For some time I have had a listing of the Themelios articles that I host in alphabetical order by author. I am now in the process of sorting the list into chronological order and making it a complete listing of all articles that have appeared in this journal, including page numbers - something that it not offered on the Religious and Theological Student's Fellowship (RTSF) website. In the process I will be adding more on-line articles, subject to the author's permissions. The first of these is this helpful introduction to the dating of Daniel by Gordon Wenham:

Gordon J. Wenham, "Daniel: the Basic Issues," Themelios 2.2 (1977): 49-52.

Darrell L. Bock on the Son of Man in Luke 5:24

I have just uploaded the following BBR article in PDF:

Darrell L. Bock, "The Son of Man in Luke 5:24," Bulletin for Biblical Research 1 (1991): 109-121.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bulletin for Biblical Research

Way back in October 2003 I was given permission to place selected articles from the Bulletin for Biblical Research on-line. I have put a few articles on-line since then, but now think it's time to be a little more systematic. Over the next few months I hope to put articles from Volumes 1-10 on-line and list the Table on Contents on their own pages (as well as listing the individial articles topically throughout the site as usual). I have therefore just uploaded the following in PDF:

Richard S. Hess, "Lamech in the Genealogies of Genesis," Bulletin for Biblical Research 1 (1991): 21-25.

Watch this space for more over the next few weeks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

F.F. Bruce on the Background to the Son of Man Sayings

As promised I have just uploaded the following article in PDF:

F.F. Bruce, "The Background to the Son of Man Sayings," Christ The Lord. Studies in Christology presented to Donald Guthrie. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 1982. Hbk. ISBN: 0851117449. pp.50-70.

Reproduced by the permission of InterVarsity Press (UK).

I am quite a fan of the late F.F. Bruce and have a bibliography of his works on-line.

Prof. Bruce seems to have contributed to a vast number of Festschrift's and I am working to put a number of them on-line.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Christians Begin the Fightback

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Olga Craig reports how many Christian's in the UK are reacting to increasing "Christophobia". Some interesting contributions from Simon Calvert (Christian Institute), Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo (Barnabas Fund) and Damian Thompson.

Requires (free) subscription to The Telegraph on-line and is well-worth a read.

Reminder: Theology for All Conference, Richmond, Surrey - 30th September

I thought that I should mention the Theology for All Conference again. Prof. Carl Trueman will be speaking on Church and Theology Today: What is Really at Stake? It looks like being an interesting day. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A.E. Harvey on Eunuchs for the Sake of the Kingdom of Heaven

I have just uploaded the following lecture in PDF:

Rev Dr. Anthony E. Harvey, Eunuchs For the Sake of the Kingdom. The Ethel M. Wood Lecture delivered before the University of London on 15 March 1995. London: University of London, 1993. Pbk. ISBN: 0718712749. pp.28.

My thanks to Dr Harvey for his kind permission. By coincidence an updated version of this lecture is due for publication in the next edition of Heythrop Journal. I hope to blog the details when I receive them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Donald Guthrie on the NT Apocryphal Writings

I hae just uploaded the following very intersting article in PDF:

Donald Guthrie, "Acts and Epistles in Apocryphal Writings," W.Ward Gasque & Ralph P. Martin, eds., Apostolic History and the Gospel. Biblical and Historical Essays Presented to F.F. Bruce on His 60th Birthday. Exeter: The Paternoster Press, 1970. Hbk. ISBN: 085364098X. pp.328-345.

Thanks to Paternoster Press for their kind permission.

"Taken as Read" by the Revd. Michael Haighton

I wanted to mention a small self-published title that encourages Christians to return to the practice of the public reading and exposition of Scripture. The book is aimed at the general reader (it is not an academic title), and briefly documents the decline in the use of the Bible in both church services and in the lives of individual Christians. It then offers practical suggestions on how this trend can be reversed. The book is available from the author. Click here for more details.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Forthcoming title: Christ the Lord. Essays in Christology Presented to Donald Guthrie

I have just received permission from IVP to reproduce the articles from Christ the Lord: Studies in Christology Presented to Donald Guthrie, edited by Harold H. Rowdon (1982). IVP will be charging me around £30 per article, so I plan to put them on-line over the next couple of years, unless anyone would like to sponsor a chapter and so speed up the process.

The Table of Contents is as follows (in alphabetical order by author):

Psalm 45:7-8 (6-7) in Old and New Testament Settings," Leslie C. Allen

"Paul, Wisdom and Christ," John F. Balchin

"The Background to the Son of Man Sayings," F. F. Bruce
"Worthy is the Lamb: The Hymns of Revelation," David R. Carnegie
"Christological Ambiguities in the Gospel of Matthew," D.A. Carson

"The Christology of Islam," F. P. Cotterell

" 'One Lord' in Pauline Christology," D. R. de Lacey

"The Worship of Jesus: A Neglected Factor in Christological Debate?" R.T. France

"The Light and the Stone: A Christological Study in Luke and Isaiah," Geoffrey W. Grogan.

"Christology Beyond Chalcedon," A. N. S. Lane

"Incarnational Christology in the New Testament," I. Howard Marshall

"Some Reflections On New Testament Hymns," Ralph P. Martin

"The Kerygmatic Christology of Rudolf Bultmann," H. D. McDonald

"Is Daniel's ‘Son of Man’ Messianic?" Robert D. Rowe

"Karl Barth's Christology," Klaas Runia

"Can One Say 'Jesus is God'?" Richard L. Sturch

"The Spirit of Christ and Christology," M. M. B. Turner

" 'This Generation Will Not Pass...': A Study of Jesus' Future Expectation in Mark 13," David Wenham

"Christ's Healing Ministry and His Attitude to the Law," Gordon J. Wenham.

Eulogy for Leon Morris on-line

I have just uploaded a Eulogy for Leon Morris by his friend Brian Bayston.

For those who do not know about my TheologicalStudies Blog, I am currently working with Ridley College Library and the Leon & Mildred Morris Foundation to place on-line a bibliography of Dr. Morris's works on

Sunday, September 03, 2006