Friday, September 23, 2005

Do you have books to spare?

I am often asked by visitors to my site where they can send books left to them by a deceased relative. My suggestion has been that they contact Book Aid, a charity that sends out containers of Christian books and Bibles to English-speaking countries - primarily in Africa. They do tremendous work, but are in urgent need of drivers to transport books from their collection points to their bookshops and warehouse.

Books that are not suitable for use overseas are sold in their bookshops at very reasonable prices to raise money for the shipping of the rest. These books include may titles that are found on reading lists of University theology courses, so it would be worthwhile for students to pay them a visit, especially if they are within travelling distance of the main bookshop/warehouse. This is located just down the road from Lower Sydenham train station, so easy to get to if you live in or near London.

Kenneth E. Bailey's theory of "informal controlled oral tradition" developed further

Of the several hundred books and articles that I have worked on over the last few years there is one that stands out to me:

Kenneth E. Bailey, "Informal Controlled Oral Tradition and the Synoptic Gospels," Asia Journal of Theology 5 (1991): 34-54. = Themelios 20.2 (1995): 4-11.

Writing with the unique insight into Palestinian culture afforded by 30 years of teaching in the Middle East Bailey's theory seems to make sense. I was very pleased therefore to read Michael F. Bird's article "The Formation of the Gospels in the Setting of Early Christianity: the Jesus Tradition as Corporate Memory," Westminster Theological Journal 67.1 (2005): 113-94. Bird builds on Bailey's arguments further and suggests that it

...needs to be supplemented with a theory of corporate remembrance,
that is, a theory which characterizes the Gospels as the memory of Jesus
interpreted and applied to the context of the early Christians. The term "Jesus
in corporate memory" is useful as a categorization since it enables one to unify
the diverse elements of bias and biography. What the Gospels produce is not the
Christ of faith superimposed on to the historical Jesus; rather, they offer a
dramatic representation, much like a docu-drama, of Jesus' actions in the past
and his voice for the present available through the public memory of Jesus.
Consequently, the memory of Jesus deposited in the Gospels bequeaths to us both
authenticity and artistry, fact and faith, history and hermeneutic. The
objective of the Evangelists is not to write a Life of Jesus to satisfy a
positivistic epistemology, but nor is it to offer an image of Jesus concocted
out of thin air to be used as a weapon of intra-Christian or inter-Jewish
polemics. The Gospels intend to narrate a story and to evoke the significance of
the one called Jesus, Israel's Messiah and the world's rightful Lord.

The article is well worth reading in full.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 48.2 articles

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 48.2 (2005):

Rodger C. Young, "Tables of Reign Lengths from the Hebrew Court Recorders," pp.225-248.

John Halsey Wood, Jr., "Oswald T. Allis and the Question of Isaianic Authorship," 249-261.

Gary E. Yates, "Narrative Parallelism and the 'Jehoiakim Frame': A Reading Strategy for Jeremiah 26-45," pp.263-281.

Conrad R. Gren, "Piercing the Ambiguities of Psalm 22:16 and the Messiah's Mission," 283-99.

Robert L. Plummer, "Something Awry in the Temple? The Rending of the Temple Veil and Early Jewish Sources that Report Unusual Phenomena in the Temple around AD 30," pp.301-16.

Timothy G. Gombis, "A Radically New Humanity: The Function of Haustafel in Ephesians," 317-30.

William W. Webb, "A Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic: Encouraging Dialogue Among Four Evangelical Views," pp.331-49.

R. Scott Smith, "Post-Conservatives, Foundationalism, and Theological Truth: A Critical Evaluation," pp.351-63.

Westminster Theological Journal 67.1 Biblical Studies articles

The latest issue of WTJ has just reached me, so I will be adding these articles to my bibliographies shortly.

Westminster Theological Journal, 67.1 (Spring 2005):

Gary E. Yates, "Ishmael's Assassination of Gedeliah: Echoes of the Saul-David Story in Jeremiah 40:7-41:18", pp.103-112.

Michael F. Bird, "The Formation of the Gospels in the Setting of Early Christianity: The Jesus Tradition as Corporate Menory," pp.113-134.

Riemer Faber, "'Evil Beasts, Lazy Gluttons': A Neglected Theme in the Epistle of Titus," pp.135-145.

Mark Gignilliat, "2 Corinthians 6:2: Paul's Eschatological 'Now' and Hermeneutical Invitation," 147-161.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Prof Kenneth Kitchen on the Aramaic of Daniel

I have just uploaded Kenneth Kitchen's contribution to the 1965 volume by Tyndale Press, Notes on Some Problems in the Book of Daniel:

Kenneth A. Kitchen, "The Aramaic of Daniel," Notes on Some Problems in the Book Of Daniel. London: The Tyndale Press, 1965. Pbk. pp.31-79.

The article is in PDF format. Other contributions to the volume are available here. Dr T.C. Mitchell's article on The Musical Instruments in Nebuchadnezzar's Orchestra should be on-line before the end of the month.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Recording of Daniel Scot now on-line

I have referred several times to Daniel Scot, who is currently facing gaol in Australia for conducting a seminar on Islam. A recording of Daniel speaking at a recent meeting in Liverpool is now available in the Christian Institute website.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

3rd Annual Evangelists Conference, 11th & 13th October 2006

The 3rd Annual Evangelists Conference entitled "Turning the Heart" will be taking place this year at two venues:

SOUTH: Tuesday 11th October, All Souls, Langham Place, London.

NORTH: Thursday 13th October, City Evangelical Church, Leeds.

Speakers include: Liam Gallagher, Melvin Tinker (Leeds only), Peter Woodcock, and Rico Tice. Booking information is available from the Good Book Company, tel: 0845 225 0880.

I hope to attend the London venue, representing Contact for Christ.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Server change complete

The change over to the new server is now complete. Most visitors should not have noticed anything. If you link to my site you should note that the file extensions of all pages containing bibliographies have changed from .html to .php. - i,e. jesus.html is now jesus.php. You should be forwarded automatically to the new page. Pages hosting articles or books and the main index page have not changed. Please update your links as necessary.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Help requested with Scottish Journal of Theology

I recently added the details of relevant articles from the Scottish Journal of Theology from 1948 to 1997. I would like to bring the listing up-to-date and so I would like to ask if anyone could provide me with either: (1) a full bibliographic listing from 1997 to present or (2) a list of authors who contributed to the journal during that period. Your assistance will be credited on the site.