Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Some interesting audio messages

I have been thinking recently of complimenting the bibliographies and articles on my sites with audio and video messages that can be either downloaded or listened to on-line. The problem with making this a reality is that it takes a long time to locate material of sufficient quality and academic rigour. I was therefore delighted to find this site:


I have added a number of the messages already and will add more when time allows.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some thoughts on the Egalitarian/Complimentarian debate

I was musing on the continuing debate over the role of women in today church and lamenting how much of it is done with little or no reference at all to the relevant biblical passages. Indeed I would argue that much of the debate is carried on with little reference to Truth - winning the argument by whatever means is all that matters. I can give two examples of this, both of which are connected.

Wayne Gruden, writing in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, has documented how Dr Catherine Kroeger appears to have been somewhat misleading in her use of the evidence to support her argument that the Greek word kephale means "source" rather than "head". I learnt recently that a local church was seeking to change its constitution to allow female elders and that the minister was using Kroeger's work to support this change. I therefore brought Grudem's article to the attention of one of the elders whom I knew very well who raised it with the minister. Although the minister admitted that Grudem was probably right he dismissed it because he had already achieved his aim and the vote had gone his way, primarily because of of Kroeger's "evidence" it seems. Am I alone in thinking that "the end justifies the means" is not a Christian maxim?